Cyberpower 5000VA Ups 2013 Price In Pakistan


Cyberpower 5000VA Ups 2013 Pkr Price 102000

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Cyberpower 5000VA Ups 2013 Price In Pakistan. Uninterruptible Power Supply has now become a need in Pakistan. can deny its importance, especially when weeks of summer and load-shedding starts to make the life painful for the citizens. Its demand has never been decreased, since the energy crisis issue hit our country. the price of a UPS is touching the sky and story does not end here,It mainly consists of two parts: One is the battery, and other is a box shape inverter. Its box shape may be different especially in the case of cheap quality UPS. Once you have bought the system, the only need is replacing the battery after a certain span of time depending on the quality of battery.
Cyberpower 5000VA Ups Main Features,
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  • Save upto 75% of Electricity
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • EMI, RFI, Surge and lightning Spike Protection
  • User-replaceable batteries
  • Multifunction LCD Readout
  • Fully automatic restart operation
  • Power On, Using Battery, AVR, Load Level, Battery Level indications
  • 6 to 8 Hours Typical Recharge Time
  • Audible alarms On Battery/Low Battery/Overload


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Cyberpower Ups







2.3Kg to 3 Kg



Additional Features

Multi-function LED indications and buzzer alarms


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