Haier Mini Cool Series Refrigerator Price in Pakistan


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The Haier Mini Cool Series arrive in an assortment of outlines and sizes that can adapt to any sort of need. From smaller than expected ice chest to moderate size coolers, Haier has everything to offer to its clients. With its cell frothing, these machines not just furnish durable cooling to the things inside and yet hold its cooling for more drawn out periods to diminish the utilization of the compressor hence less power utilization. The majority of the Haier Mini Cool Series fridges accompany an ice-production attempt that generates ice precious stones in a matter of moments while keeping whatever is left of the compartment chilled enough to keep all the things crisp and durable.

Haier Mini Cool Series Refigerator Price is Available in Pakistan PKR. 13,500

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Main Features

  • Direct Cooling Type
  • Freely contracted and extended wine rack
  • Cheese boxes of coordinated type
  • Easy-side fresh food storage
  • Energy sufficient up to 30%
  • Full width Deli tray
  • 158L super-big freezing chamber
  • Ice making tray

Additional information





Cooling Type


Energy sufficient

up to 30%

freezing chamber

158L super-big

Ice making tray


Freely contracted


Extended wine rack


food storage



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