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A Daily Times survey revealed that prices of Uninterrupted Power Supthe higher-priced and locally manufactured UPS do not always work well and have a tendency to break down. Reportedly, most UPS manufacturers are using silver wires in the transformers instead of heavy-duty copper wire. A silver wire UPS has a short lifespan and cannot withstand long spells of power outages, heating up and burning away rather quickly. At a time when the whole nation is struggling to cope with the terrible crisis of load shedding, Homage suppliers of UPS have come up with valuable and affordable energy solutions for the nation by offering them the best UPS and Electric generators to get uninterrupted power supply.ply (UPS) and dry-cell batteries have been steadily rising over the past seven to eight weeks. Customers are complaining that even
Homage Ups 5000VA Price Main Features,
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  • 30 Energy Saver and 12 Tube lights
  • 12 Fans 1 Split AC (1 Ton), 1 Washing Machine and 1 Refrigerator (12 cft)
  • 4 Batteries or more
  • Give long backup to office and home Appliances
  • Provides critical overload/overcharging protection
  • Fully automatic restart operation
  • Multi function LCD+LED indications
  • High efficient DC-to-AC Conversion
  • Buzzer alarms


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Multi-function LED indications and buzzer alarms


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