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Homage UPS HEX 12000VA 900Watts Inverter Review:

As load shedding is increasing the more UPS’s demand in Pakistan is increasing. Every day thousands of people are buying UPS to stay powered . There is a tough competition between thousands of companies which are selling UPS. One of them is HOMAGE company which has increased demand for its quality and long lasting timing of power . Homage has introduced a new powerful model “HEX 1204” . HEX 1204 is a powerful UPS inverter of 1000VA 800Watts . Homage’s HEX has enough power for home , shop or office . Capacity of HEX 1204 is about  5 tube lights or 14 energy savers & 6 fans .  Homage HEX’s power is  900 Watts 1200VA/12VDC/220VAC .

Homage HEX 1204 comes with

  • User friendly LCD & LED display which makes it smarter & stylish.
  • 1 Year Nationwide Warranty
  • Free AC/DC cables
  • Power Saver



Homage UPS HEX


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Homage UPS HEX 1204 1200va INverter Specs & Features:


  • Built-in intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and to prevent overcharging
  •  Light weighted, wall mounted, rack design
  • User friendly LCD & LED
  • Battery Life of 6 hours
  • Overheating Protection
  • Intelligent 3-Stage Charge Control(which ensures that inverter doesn’t over charge or over heat)
  • Light Weight,Wall Mounted , Rack Designed
  • Multiple protections: low battery alarm, low battery shut down, overload protection, over heating protection, short circuit protection
  • Highly efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss
  • Free AC & DC cables
  • Innovative charging system especially designed to suit local type batteries and local weather conditions
  • Start In a moment


Homage UPS HEX


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