LG FS-C1865DA0 Air Conditioner Price In Pakistan


LG FS-C1865DA0 Air Conditioner Price is Available in Pakistan PKR. 55,000

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LG FS-C1865DA0 Air Conditioner is one of the best latest Air Condtioner in Pakistan. Compressor is the most important part for the reliable operation of the air conditioner. The Tropical compressor developed by LG is highly reliable, even under extreme conditions such as high temperature degree that can reach up to 60degreeC (under rated voltage 220V/60Hz, 230V/50Hz), sandstorms and 24hour operation.A main cause of Air Conditioner odors is lould and bacteria that breed in the heat exchanger. Jet Cool disperses air evenly at high speed for a prompt cooling that is 20% faster than the others.

LG FS-C1865DA0 Air Conditioner Price is Available in Pakistan PKR. 55,000

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Main Features

  • Thermistor Temperature Control
  • Chaos Wind (Auto Wind)
  • Steps, Fan/Cool 3/4
  • Jet Cool
  • Restart Delay Minute 3
  • Wireless LCD Remocon Type
  • Timer 7Hr,On/Off

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Additional information





Twin Rotary

Indoor, Outdoor Max

Indoor 13. Outdoor 40


Cooling(W): 2,000

Circuit Breaker (A)


Cooling Capacity

W: 5,274m, kcal/h: 4,536, Btu/h.: 18,000


Indoor, mm: 1085 x 300 x 191, Outdoor, mm: 840 x 577 x 276

Net Weight

Indoor (kg(lbs)): 14 Outdoor (kg(lbs)): 50


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