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Mobicash allows instant cash delivery across the country in lieu of a very nominal fee with a cap of sending up to Rs. 15000 per transaction. This is the same facility that EasyPaisa and UBL Omni were already offering, however because of having the largest customer base, Mobilink does expect to get better returns than the other two options. This cannot go without mentioning that Zong also introduced its mobile banking services with a lot more features than Mobicash and EasyPaisa, becoming a direct service provider against UBL Omni.

As for Mobicash, anyone can use this service in Pakistan; this service has no compulsion of the network. Whether you are using Mobilink or not you can avail this service by visiting nearest Mobilink outlet or franchise.

How to Send Money Through Mobicash:

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  • There is a simple procedure of transferring money through Mobicash. The client only has to visit any Mobilink franchise, show his original NADRA CNIC and also provide the CNIC number of the receiver.
  • The sender has to give his mobile number and also the number of the receiver.
  • Before sending money, the sender has to enter a 6-digit pass code and should not tell or disclose this passcode to anyone except the person who will receive money.
  • Both sender and receiver will get a notification message on their cell phones.

For Receiving Money:

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  • The receiver of the money has to show his/her original CNIC to Mobilink franchise.
  • The receiver should know the confidential pass code sent to him by the sender.
  • He will provide that pass code to the agent.
  • The agent will make a transaction for the receiver and will get a confirmation SMS on his cell phone.
  • The amount is delivered to the receiver.


Additional information

Amount of Money

Service Charges

0 to 1,000


1,001 to 2,500


2,501 to 4,000


6,001 to 8,000


8,001 to 10,000


10,001 to 13,000


13,001 to 15,000


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